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Links to more places showing Pictures and memories of Dunkirk NY

The old Dunkirk High Schools Pictures and Memories from the 2 old Dunkirk High Schools on Eagle Street.

Dunkirk ...before Urban Renewal all the best pictures we can find of a wonderful Dunkirk before Urban Renewal took it from us!

Fun Times in Dunkirk All the fun things we all used to do back in the 1940s...50s and...60s growing up in Dunkirk NY

Old Dunkirk High Teachers 1941-1963

Dunkirk High School of the 1940s
#1 Old Dunkirk High Pictures....the Schools on Eagle Street
#2 Teachers of Dunkirk High of the 1940s
#3 DHS kids of the 1940s

Dunkirk High School 1950s
#1 Dunkirk High School ...pictures of the School of the 1950s
#2 Dunkirk Teachers of the 1950
#3 DHS "Kids" of the 1950s

Dunkirk High School 1960s
#1 Dunkirk High School Teachers of the 1960s
#2 Pictures of Dunkirk High School from the 1960s
#3 Pictures of DHS "Kids" of the 1960s

Dunkirk High School 1970s
#1 1Pictuires of Teachers of the 1970s
#2 Pictures of the High School of the 1970s
#3 DHS "Kids" of the 1970s

A work in Progress

Comet Roller Coaster at Crystal Beach Take on last ride on the "Comet" Roller Coaster at Crystal Beach...download the 4 Video Clips and hang On!

Cardinal Mindszenty High School Website for Memories and Pictures of the 29 Years of Cardinal Mindszenty High School in Dunkirk NY

Dunkirk High...The Old Schools
All the fun times we had and the things we did growing up in Dunkirk for fun!

Western New York Memories Western NY Memories....best pictures of all the small towns around Dunkirk