Dunkirk High...the beginning

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Pictures of the current Dunkirk High School being built in 1965

Passageways between buildings

Work continues on back of New DHS

Passageways between buildings...and entrance to Wine Cellar

work continues on new Auditorium

New Gym takes shape


Library from Woodrow Avenue

Dunkirk High

Auditorium almost complete

Work continues on DHS Foorball Field & Track!


School Spirit

I took this while walking to school...Good thing I had my Brownie that day!

Class in the Auditorium 1969

English Dept from Woodrow Avenue

New Home for DHS Victory Bell

New Lockers installed

DHS Citizen


Long Jump Record

Dunkirk High Front Entrance


Teacher Spa & Wine cellar entrance


New High School begins to take shape

Auditorium almost done

lockers being installed

Gym takes shape

View From Woodrow Ave