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He's Cute...I gave him my phone number!

School Spirit
I'll have one!
Shhheeech....These Teachers!
Getting younger every year!
Gym Decoration Committee...

Any Minute Now it's going to explode!
Finally the last bell!
I think I'll just put this in my locker!
Put your books away...
were going to have a "pop" quiz!

Darn...I Just knew I shouldn't have watched
American Bandstand last night!
if we act like we own the place...
maybe no one will ask for our pass!

Lets get our homework done early
so we can go out with the "gang" tonight!

Guessing what today's lunch
really is? least it's better than
going to Algerbra Class!

let's see...add 9...carry the 4...devide the sum...multiply by it's base!....where's my slide rule?