The Early Years

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New Dunkirk High nears completion 1966

Dunkirk High School Scoreboard

New Dunkirk High School nears completion 1966

While it was being built...we all couldn't wait...once it opened...we all hated the damn thing!

Anyone remember Dunkirk's Salute to the Bicennitenial?

As the nations Bicentennial approached word went out all across America to Cities large and small asking that civic projects be planned to coencide with the Celebration of the Nations Birthday. At Universities and Colleges new library's and research buildings were being towns and villages all across America Parks and Civic Centers were designed and built and readied for thier Grand Opening...Hospitals had new wings built...New Schools...And in Dunkirk the fire Hydrants were painted to look like little Civil War Soldiers and the underpasses were painted Red...White and Blue!

I don't know about you but every time I see this picture I just get all tingly with Civic Pride!

A Dunkirk Tradition ...getting the Senior Float ready! 1972

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